Blacknest Junior Golf Academy


There are now over 70 junior members here at Blacknest, that’s an amazing effort from everyone involved!

2022 promises to continue that trend. I will be working closely with Brenda Mayle, our Junior Organiser, to ensure we offer the best possible golfing options for your child.

Blacknest Junior Golf Academy

Our aim in 2022 is encourage all our junior golfers to gain confidence and improve. To let them develop at their own pace and feel comfortable here at Blacknest. If they just want to whack balls on the cool Top Tracer range that’s fine. If they’d like to obtain a handicap, we can help them achieve that. Or, if they just want to get a little better and have fun with their friends while mum & dad have a coffee, that works for us!

The Weekly junior Thursday/Saturday/Sunday classes will continue (see below). If you would like more information, just contact me.

Complete the coaching consent form before any group lesson


6-9yr & 9-12yr old classes cover all aspects of the game, including play on the Par 3 course.

10-14yr old’s class also covers all aspects of the game, as well as play on both the Par 3 and main courses.

Tuesday 1615 - 1715 6-9 yrs old !9th April - 12th July (12 weeks) £120
Thursday 1615 - 1730 10-14 yrs old 21st April - 14th July (12 weeks) £150
Saturday 1300 - 1430 10-14 yrs old 23rd April - 16th July (11 weeks) £135
Saturday 1430 - 1530 6-9 yrs old 23rd April - 16th July (11 weeks) £110
Saturday 1530 - 1630 7-10 yrs old 23rd April - 16th July (11 weeks) £110
Sunday 0930 - 1100 10-14 yrs old 24th April - 17th July (11 weeks) £165
Sunday 1100 - 1200 6-9 yrs old 24th April - 17th July (11 weeks) £110

From Spring 2022 we will be offering a Par 3 course membership for just £69. Full junior membership of both courses is £129 (includes a free lesson).

Brenda and I believe that, if your child can score less than 30 on the 6-hole course, they should be ready to progress onto the “BLUE” tees on the main course. The average length of a hole from the BLUE tees is 167 yards so they should be capable of hitting a ball 100 yards. The target score for 9 holes is sub-50, before they move on to confidently play the main course from the “RED” tees and achieve an initial handicap.

From April – September, Brenda and her team of volunteers hold Tuesday sessions from 1700 – 19.15 for all our juniors (all abilities are welcome). There is also a free coaching and golf rules session on the first Tuesday each month. All sessions are optional but you need to contact Brenda to let her know you’re attending so that sufficient volunteers can be organised. (NB Parents are very welcome to become volunteers). We would like to invite ALL our juniors to attend these sessions. Ability is NOT important, as there will be something for everyone. The one-off yearly fee to be part of the section is £10.

Email Brenda at or call 01420 472237 or 07502 140375.

Individual lessons are also available at a time to suit and can be booked after school or even at weekends. Please contact me to reserve a convenient date and time.

I look forward to seeing you all again and once again thank you for your support.

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